General Rules

1. Hacked clients and illegal modifications including auto clickers are prohibited and will result in severe punishment. Any minimap mods except Lunar and Badlion are not allowed! Inventory sneak mod on Badlion is not allowed also. Modifications that are purely for aesthetic purposes and do not grant unfair advantage are allowed (e.g. Badlion, Lunar, Optifine). Use any non-vanilla clients at your own risk! If you are unsure about a client you use, please contact the staff via the ticket system on discord.

2. Bugs: Any abuse of any bugs, whether minor or major, will end in punishment. Any bugs encountered should be immediately reported via a ticket in the discord. Dupes are considered bugs. Any players caught duplicating items will be banned, and their accounts will be reset.

3. Social Chatting: Do not be inappropriate in chat. Harmful, abusive, or indecent expressions in chat will result in a punishment, including but not limited to: racist comments, homophobic or sexist comments. This list also contains continued bullying, harassment, discrimination, obscene content, and talking or threatening about self-harm. Also, we take any form of harassment (Sexual comments, etc.) very seriously and could lead to very severe punishment. Spamming is also extremely prohibited and will result in punishment! We do allow freedom of expressing however someone feels like, as long as it isn’t considered inappropriate. Members of the staff team have full right to decide what's inappropriate and what's not, in case you do not agree with their decision, make a ticket via the ticket system. 

4. Skins/Builds/Names: Any inappropriate skins, builds or nicknames (Swastikas', Hitler skins, or offensive names, etc.) will lead to some punishment for that player. If you’re unsure if your skin/build/name is appropriate, contact staff team thru ticket system.

5. Crashes: Intentionally crashing the server, producing lag, using illegal methods to temp ban other players, or doing anything malicious to server stability will result in severe punishment.

6. Advertising of other servers or products in any shape or form is not allowed and will lead to a 3-month ban. No exceptions. This includes asking your friends to play with you on another server.

7. Leaking Personal Info: Sharing others' personal information (Doxing) (IP Address, names, email, phone number, etc.) without their consent will lead to a ban.

8. Rule Evading: In case someone does something malicious or something that can hurt the server, the staff team has the right to do what is supposed to be done to fix the issue, even if it isn't written in the rules. Players have the right to make a ticket if they want to discuss it further, but the staff’s word is final. Everyone is able to use common sense to figure out what they shouldn’t do.

9. Trading with any type of currency unrelated to LegionMC will result in a permanent ban!

10. Be nice: After all, it all comes to being nice and having common sense. Just don't ruin the game for others and there will be no problems.

Survival Rules

1. Scamming: Allowed. There is /trade, /ah, and sub-claims for a reason. We will not issue refunds in case you get scammed! Be careful who you trust!

2. Griefing: Griefing in any way, shape, or form is not allowed, this includes killing mobs, whether passive or aggressive, in others' claims. It will lead to severe punishment. Major griefing of wilderness (lava casts, huge holes, burnt jungles, etc.) is also prohibited and will result in punishment!

3. Alting: You are allowed to have up to 2 alt accounts on survival (so basically 1 main and 2 alts), but it's not allowed to have them online all at once. Only 1 account is allowed to be online at once. If we find someone having multiple accounts online, it will end up in a ban on both his main and alt accounts. In case you have multiple people playing on the same IP address (siblings etc.), make a ticket to let us know!
4. Bypassing AFK Kick: Bypassing AFK kick (AFK machines etc.) is prohibited and will result in punishments!

5. Stealing: Stealing is not allowed. Whoever gets caught stealing will lose his stolen items and will receive a punishment! Do not steal! 

6. PW Trapping / Spawn Trapping / TP Trapping: Any spawn trapping / TP Trapping in any way, shape or form is extremely prohibited! It will result in severe punishment!

7. No heavy Redstone usage: Zero tick machines and huge Redstone usage are extremely prohibited and will end up in some sort of punishment and removal of the Redstone project! Try to minimize the usage of Redstone clocks!
8. No nether portal trapping: Placing blocks around the nether portal, therefore, blocking anyone who travels thru it is not allowed and will result in punishment!

9. No Bypassing PvP Protection: bypassing PVP protection of any player, in any case, is forbidden and will be severely punishable.

Earth Rules

Gamemode Behaviour

1.1. | No heavy Redstone usage: Zero tick machines and huge Redstone machines are extremely prohibited and will end up being removed and your account being punished. Try to minimize your usage of Redstone clocks.

1.2 | Trapping players without their consent that doesn't involve the jail or war system, such as blocking nether portals and beds with obsidian is not allowed.

1.3 | Usage of rank perks is prohibited in siege zones!

1.4 | Targeting and/or jailing players that have been playing for less than 4 days is not allowed. That information can be seen with the /resident command. Self-defense is encouraged in all cases.

1.5 | Repetitive killing of the same player that isn't attacking you, your ally, or going near you and your claims with malicious intent is not allowed.

1.6 | Baiting, scamming, and/or killing new players (under 4 days of playing) for self-gain is not allowed.

1.7 | Bypassing AFK kick (AFK machines, etc.) is prohibited.

1.8 | Scamming and stealing is allowed, be careful who you trust! You can avoid being scammed by using /trade or player chest shops.

1.9 | Do not try to bypass the PvP protection of a player in any circumstance.

Building Behaviour

2.1. | Griefing in unnecessary amounts is forbidden. Forms of griefing include:

2.2 | Altering any property or plot in a town that you're not a part of without their consent.

2.3 | Altering the terrain outside town borders in an 8 chunk radius in an unnatural manner without the mayor's consent.

2.4 | Mass alteration of land geography.

2.5 | Destroying infrastructure that's essential for travel in wilderness and nether such as roads, ice tracks, railways, and canals.

2.6 | Building of huge lava casts or water/lava fountains is prohibited.

2.7 | Massive lava pools and water pools are prohibited.

2.8 | Making artificial islands is forbidden/

2.9 | Making huge pillars in the wilderness that have no use is forbidden.

2.10 | Placing blocks in a mess is prohibited.

2.11 | Any unnecessary and/or excessive destruction to towns in ruins. Only rare/valuables like diamond blocks, chests or hoppers, or blocks that restrict access to buildings or areas or towns like doors and windows can be broken.

2.12 | Pixel art and map art builds are forbidden, only allowed in claims if they don't exceed 8x8 chunks size.

2.13 | No building in the water or in the air, make a ticket if you want to do something like this.

Town Rules:

The following are forbidden and punishable:

3.1 Making a town or making an outpost within 7 chunks of some other town without the mayor's consent.

3.2 Naming a town or nation with an obscene or offensive name.

3.3 Abusing coking or comayor rank to dismantle/disband someone's nation/town. This includes, but is not limited to: massively deranking players, massively unclaiming or unclaiming with malicious intent, promoting other players to coking/comayor so they can disband/dismantle or sabotage someones nation/town, kicking extensive amount of towns/members from nation/town.

3.4 Using town claims to block or restrict expansions of other towns.

3.5 Camping in any towns that players themselves are not a part of or are not allied for 10 minutes OR continuously invading town using “under 10 minutes loophole”.

3.6 Nations may not surpass more than 30 towns.

3.7 Altering your town/nation spawn to spawn trap players and kill them without their consent.

3.8 All cities that fail to remain active for at least 30 days may get deleted to reduce map pollution.

War (Siege) Rules:

4.1 Users may use any kind of traps/defences/ganks in both wilderness and claims. Ganks at siege banners are also allowed, but they must not exceed 16x16 size! Ganks must not go under Y: 25!

4.2 Failure to uphold peacefulness bestowed upon your city, by directly participating in sieges, will result in a punishment.

4.3 No capping from blocked-off place (for example, underground). All cappers must be easily reachable by anyone.

4.4 Creating unsiegeable towns are strictly forbidden. This includes making "guardian towns" which prevent the main town from getting sieged. 

4.5 New players are not allowed to join sieges until 4 days after joining.

4.6 Participating in sieges without a military rank is forbidden.

4.7 Repetitively killing jailed players and/or "re-jailing" players who have served a sentence of 12 real world hours or players who have paid bail is not allowed.

4.8 Underground sieges and sky sieges are not allowed (unless it is reasonable to do so, in that case contact staff team to ask for permission). Sieges must be on the ground.

4.9 No point feeding to an enemy side.

4.10 No exploiting the siege system in order to gain immunity from being sieged. This includes sieging for immunity.

4.11 Use of pre-pearl machines is strictly forbidden.

4.12 Spawn trapping in a besieged town is allowed!

4.13 Any traps/defences/ganks made in wilderness during the siege MUST BE patched up after the siege.

Siege Towns:

5.1 Must be in atleast 7 chunks from the banner for both defenders and attackers.

5.2 Must be deleted after the siege.

5.3 Forced to have PVP on at all times!

Transferring Mayorship:

6.1 The town must be under the same nation as said player.

6.2 The mayor must be inactive for at least 14 days.

6.3 Priority starts the highest going from co-mayors in said city to citizens in said citizens to the king of the nation that rules over the city to appoint anyone in the same nation.

6.4 The mayor gives permission. (This overrides all of the above).

Rule-breaking of any kind will be punished. Punishment severity is based on how severe the rule broken was and the history of the player's punishment. In case the player does something malicious which is hurting the server, but it isn't specified in the rule list, it counts as rule evading and the staff team has full right to issue a punishment. If you're unsure if the thing you're doing is malicious and hurting the server or not, contact the staff team via ticket system.

Skyblock Rules

1. No griefing or stealing things from someone's island. This includes using alts to steal/grief and/or manipulating the island owner or island moderator into believing that you are trustworthy enough for them to invite you or coop you.

2. No having more than one account on one island's member list.

3. No filling your island with complicated redstone, or using an alt's island to do so.

4. Do not abuse bugs in any way. This includes using custom enchant powers to destroy other islands, abusing lag to place hoppers/spawners that go over the limit on your island (Hopper Limit: 50; Spawner Limit: 10), and abusing infinite money glitches on /shop.

5. No using hacked clients in any way, shape, or form.

6. If you kill someone with PvP on anywhere other than Arena, you must return that player's items back.